Your Trusted Partner since 1986

Since 1986, LDI has been singularly focused on creating a legacy through development, community, and relationship. Every time. We’ve hand picked our team to get the right people in place to become an all in development firm that makes something special happen for you. We are a dependable, safe place to invest — participating in joint ventures through general and limited partnerships.

That’s why our mission is to build something more and create places where your story is well told. Our vision is to be the trusted partner that creates success where lifestyles thrive and legacies endure.

Our Values


LDI has always operated with the simple premise: take care of our relationships first and everything else will fall into place. This approach has proven to be a winning formula for all of our partners, whether working with customers, investors or employees.


Nothing’s more self evident than walking the walk. LDI prides itself on the scope of our character and the strength of our credibility. We do what we say we’re going to do. Every time. No exceptions. Our reputation for communication and honesty precedes us—and we think it speaks volumes.


The business relationships we make and maintain are of the utmost importance to us. Our extensive due diligence, risk management, and foresighted disposition options ensure we deliver better experiences for our customers and reliable returns for our investors.


With the right balance of foresight, planning and execution, we strive to hit the realistic expectations we set for our developments. By setting the standard for efficiency, we consistently perform for our partners.

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