Harrington Village and Harrington Square


  • Harrington Village and Harrington Square were acquired by our LDI A&D team.
  • LDI, along with an additional well-respected builder and private equity group formed a partnership with a vision of an amenitized urban mixed-use development including, residential, retail and office space. Additionally, LDI partnered with the Town of Leland, a fast-growing community just 5 minutes from Downtown Wilmington, NC, to bring a new and fresh identity to what is known as “Downtown Leland.”
  • This project was funded in two phases, with a mix of private equity and institutional debt in the form of a Commercial A&D loan.

Entitlement & Permitting:

  • LDI oversaw the 5 month process of establishing companies, performing diligence and securing all local approvals. LDI saw the need for this development and the Town of Leland whole heartedly agreed, which resulted in favorable tax treatment, road improvements and a mutually beneficial relationship.

Horizontal construction:

  • LDI Utilities performed all civil contracting and partnered with the Town of Leland for the off-site DOT work to prepare the site for vertical construction.

Vertical Construction:

  • Renowned builder and developer, H&H Homes, hit the ground running with construction of 14 apartment buildings, resort-style amenities, and 28,000 square feet of retail space.

Sales and Marketing:

  • Our team partnered with a premier real estate service firm, Wellington Advisors, which specializes in property management.
  • As anticipated, Harrington Village met a much needed demand and the project exceeded expectations, leasing at an average pace of 15 per month.

Disposition of Asset:

  • With strong occupancy and favorable interest rates, Harrington Village was traded at a sub 5% cap rate less than a year after construction completion.
  • The partners utilized a unique debt vehicle that a 12 month hold period after project completion, rather than converting to permanent debt. This allowed the partners to enjoy capital gains treatment upon sale and avoided additional permanent loan costs.


Harrington Village and Harrington Square have set the stage for innovative and meaningful development in the Town’s Gateway District. The project team consists of highly-organized industry professionals that have invested time and resources into a project with the goal of benefiting the greater good. That is the epitome of “being a good neighbor” and that is the kind of development that will make a positive difference in the lives of those that work, live, and play in the Town of Leland.

Ashli B. Pirozzi Senior Planner, Town of Leland

Working with the LDI team on the Harrington Village project has been an amazing experience. LDI is a first class company who employees first class people! All team members I have worked with have been highly professional and have always made me feel like part of the team, not a "vendor." I look forward to future projects together.

Tonya Forster Sr. Community Manager, Wellington Advisors