Reserve at Masonboro


  • The Reserve at Masonboro was sourced by our LDI A&D team.
  • LDI had a vision to bring to market an amenitized low maintenance single family development in Wilmington, NC.
  • This project was funded with a mix of private equity and institutional debt in the form of a traditional A&D loan.

Entitlement & Permitting:

  • LDI led the charge on the 7 month process of establishing companies, performing diligence and securing all local approvals to position the horizontal team to move forward with the land’s highest and best use.

Horizontal construction:

  • LDI Utilities performed all civil contracting and off-site DOT work to bring pad-ready lots to market.

Vertical Construction:

  • In traditional LDI fashion, our team began amenity and entrance construction at the start of the development, displaying the vision of the community from the onset.
  • Logan Homes, hit the ground running with construction of one story single family homes with great success.

Sales and Marketing:

  • Through a dynamic sales process, led by Logan Homes, we saw great success in the sales and marketing of these homes.

Disposition of Asset:

  • All single family homes were purchased direct by consumer who now enjoy a coastal lifestyle in Wilmington, NC.