D Logan Jr

D Logan Jr oversees the daily operations of Logan Homes, as well as serves on the Board of Directors. His primary focus is on growing Logan Developers Inc. through a wide variety of residential and commercial developments as well as partnership and investment opportunities.

Previously, he led the Logan Homes corporate sales and marketing teams, with a strong focus on relationships, team synergy, and strategic planning. D has a diverse and robust background within the construction and development world. He has gained knowledge and experience at nearly every level and department within the company. He has personally managed hundreds of new home builds, on-site new home sales, and has led our team as Directory of Sales and Marketing while serving as Broker in Charge of our Realty company.

His boots on the ground experience at all of these levels has proven to be invaluable as he works to grow LDI’s future endeavors and lead our Corporate teams. D’s free time is spent with his wife and three children, golfing, or just enjoying the outdoors.