Patrick Lennon

Patrick Lennon is responsible for all of the financial activities for Logan Developers, Inc. In his role as CFO, he has oversight of multiple companies that span a variety of industries, including land acquisition, residential and commercial construction and development. Mr. Lennon’s day-to-day activities includes the management of all banking and capital security relationships, equity management, investment and construction arrangements and the oversight of human resources and daily accounting.

Mr. Lennon brings a unique perspective to his role as lead financial executive and his incredible foresight has positioned LDI to be leading competitors in the development industry.  His ability to pivot and take on new challenges combined with his ability to multi-task allows the company to quickly assess and react to potential changes and opportunities in LDI’s real estate portfolios.

As a board member of LDI, Mr. Lennon has been instrumental in cultivating and executing the vision, culture and growth of LDI. Mr. Lennon aligns with LDI’s belief that developing strong relationships with partners are key and there is great importance in making sure the right team is in place to take on any new challenge.